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Updating policies just
got easier & smarter
Introducing AirMason’s Automated Policy Updates. AirMason can now not just create your handbook, but can keep your employee handbook policies updated at all times. Leveraging AI, but always overseen and reviewed by HR and legal experts.
Trusted by businesses and HR teams around the world
The AirMason tool is extremely user-friendly as a user and also as an administrator. It gives an engaging feel for users through its creative features and capabilities. It also provides a seamless experience regarding policy updates, whereas policies and procedures are often revised. My overall experience with AirMason was great. The team provided white glove customer service, super flexible, patient, and extremely responsive 24/7.
Daisha S
Associate Manager DE&I
We LOVE Airmason. It provides unlimited documents and ability to edit content year round within a simple editing tool. Sharing with our employees through a custom employee portal that is always accessible. Airmason takes the daunting piece of handbooks and turns it into something fun.
Sharon A
Chief People Officer
It's a great tool to enable greater communication across the organisation and the platform really allows you to bring your brand to life - it's visually appealing, interactive and a go-to for all people policies, processes and updates like company goals. Considering the time zone (UK <> Canada) it has been a breeze - incredibly helpful from start to finish, always to hand for a quick check and fully supportive which has made the process easy for a high growth startup like Bleach!
Darren B
Head of People & Culture
love that this product makes people want to read our handbook. Employees are constantly referring back to things they read and asking insightful questions about the policies they encounter. My employees are reading and engaging with our handbook and benefits overviews more than at any other company I've worked for. It's been terrific getting to create and deploy our handbook.
Ciara O
Head of People
How digital handbooks by AirMason work
AirMason lets you create stunning digital handbooks and other important documents with our easy-to-use editor.These are then available to your employees online via laptop, computer, or any mobile device, complete with search functionalities built-in.
How much does it cost?
1 to 99 employees
Small Business
100 to 199 employees
200+ employees
Enterprise-grade, custom-tailored for global organizations

Auto-import your existing handbook

Upload your existing content, or begin creating in AirMason’s employee handbook maker using one of many existing templates (better yet, let our creative team design a custom template for your brand!)
auto import

Edit, design & update your content

Our easy-to-use employee handbook creator allows you to do all of the above, including uploading images, GIFs and videos to personalize your handbook.

Invite your team to collaborate, with customized access and version control.
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Integrate your employees automatically

Save time with our employee handbook creator's HRIS partnerships, or manually import them via CSV file.
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Publish your online employee handbook!

Track electronic signatures, notify your employees of any updates, and download activity reports.

You can even send customized email reminders to track down any outstanding signees at a frequency of your choosing!
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Access handbooks from anywhere, on any device

Have employees view and sign your handbooks on the go, accessible via any device with an internet connection and web browser!
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Automated Policy Updates

Save time and let AirMason’s AI driven, automated policy updates keep all your employee handbook policies compliant.
automated policy updates
AirMason has plug and play integrations with each of the following platforms
SSO integrations allow your team members to sign into their handbooks with a single login across your organization.
Our HRIS integrations
Automatically keep employee records updated so new employees automatically get access to the appropriate handbook and policies based on their team and location.
Creative Services & Content Migration
Send us your existing handbook and we’ll take it from there. From brand-aligned handbook design through to launch, we’re here to help you promote and relay your organization’s important policies, culture and more.
handbook editor
Frequently asked questions
Can you integrate with Single Sign On (SSO) or HRIS providers?
Yes! We have ready-to-go SSO integrations with GSuite, Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and Idaptive. Also, we have ready-to-go integrations with HRIS providers such as BambooHR, Paylocity, PeopleHR, BreatheHR, Kronos, UltiPro. On top of this, we’re able to provide SFTP integrations with other providers.
Our content is from the early 2000s! Do you offer copywriting services?

Yes! Let our copywriters do the heavy lifting when it comes to your content. It's no secret that re-writing an employee handbook can be a long, stressful task... Which is why we have such a high turnover rate for this position.

Just kidding! Really though, if you enjoyed the little bit of personality in this description then you'll love our writers. They specialize in creating a modern tone in line with your brand, and one which speaks with your employees rather than at them, all while condensing the content and making it a more enjoyable read.

I'm not a designer :( Can you help with our design?
Absolutely! Just share your brand guidelines and other marketing materials that we should use, and AirMason’s awesome creative team will create beautiful custom templates around this. We work closely with you to represent your brand throughout your documentation and make the entire experience enjoyable for employees to interact with. This can include custom fonts, brand colors, logo and image resizing, as well as the inclusion of videos, GIFs, tables and links to external documents — so all content is accessible in one engaging, moreover organized place.
Is AirMason just for employee handbooks?
No! Although employee handbooks were our first love… We’ve grown to love other documents too. Our platform can support employee benefit books, SOP’s, training manuals, health and safety manuals, Country or State specific policies, even newsletters, and many many more. A lot of our clients use AirMason to build stunning culture books too, for use in talent attraction and onboarding. The possibilities are, quite literally, endless!
How do employees view handbooks?
Two ways! First - we create an employee login portal (ex. which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device, for your employees to view their digital library of documents. Second - in real-time. Send document edits and updates in real-time with our internal mailing system. The email will come from a custom internal email of your choosing and you can customize any messaging coming from the platform. They will click a link that directs them right to the document you just worked on; this way, you can track when they have received, opened and signed your documents.
Can employees view on their phones?
Yes! Our handbooks are mobile and tablet responsive.
How many documents can I have in my account?
You can host unlimited documents with any AirMason subscription.
Do you provide help with initial set up or customer support?
Yes! We have a world-class customer success team on-hand to walk you through the process from the get-go. We’re here every step of the way, to support you in making sure your account is set up properly and settings are exactly how you want them through to ongoing support post-launch.
How do the edits work?
Each document/handbook has its own editor that allows us to make editing very simple. Anytime you want to change up some content or branding, update a policy or add an image, just go into your editor and use the tools to do so. You can even share those edits there and then with employees or groups of your choosing from directly within.
How long has AirMason been around?

Since late 2016. Each member of our team is at the top of their craft — with over 50+ years of combined experience across development, design, content creation and customer service, we are experts in turning your former handbook(s) into a digitally branded experience that will benefit both your internal process and your employees' HR experience.

Since launching AirMason, we’ve experienced our own growing pains, which gives us a first-hand appreciation towards the importance of a great onboarding experience and employee handbook. To discover what the HR world needed, we gathered feedback from our clients, HR leaders,and their teams all over the planet to build our platform to what you see today — and it's still growing!

Do you normally work with companies like us?
We work with companies from all over the world! No matter how big or small your organization is, we provide a tailored solution that can benefit your HR documentation process.